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But there is a problem with the subtiles. Help!

Crash on start

No more working

Too bad it crashes on start...

Used to be good.

Better than my actual teachers !

This app is so useful and makes everything easy !

The website is perfect but...

The website is perfect but the app is not at all! Impossible to change settings, language, and worst of all: impossible to do as the website to continue your progress. You must find where was your last video/lesson and I couldnt find myself in the app... Once more, i absolutely love the website but please add more functionnalities to the app!!!

In french

Please for this app available In french !


Seriously I am glade that they r still people who cares abt studies and learning ! Thank u so much

I would like to change to the language I want

I hate to be obligated to have it in french.

Science b*tch!

Best app for learning science! One problem is the stability of the app if you have too many bookmarked topics (crashes a lot)


Education... The solution of our problems. This app is amazing!

Very nice but still with lots of bugs

Problems without answers, activities closing all of a sudden, etc.

Problems with updated versinho

The last version in Apple Store to IPad not installed.

Problem with the update

Since the uptade, it is impossible to download the app.

Bugs all over

Medicine section simply disappears :( Microeconomy disappear too


Would like to download offline articles though.

Nice App., fantasitic service :)

First of all I think that khan academy is a great service. Wouldnt wont to miss it in math and science :) Salman Khan even got me to watch videos regarding topics I otherwise had absolutely no interest in, like history :) But back to the app. Its a nice app, it does what its supposed to and it does it well. I think the choice of color is a bit iffy and the overall UI not very creative, but what ever, its still great to have :) thanks a lot! :)


How about a login (like in the iPad app) to track watched videos and remember where to continue? Edit: Login now available! Great app, awesome content, easily 5 stars!

Wont open

Crashes every time one tries to open the program.


Fantastic app! Over the past few months I have been using this app more and more frequently. Great explanatory commenting! The only feature I still am missing is bookmarking for videos, so that I can pick up, right where I left off.

This is Amazing

The best Online Academy. Ever.

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