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Ótimo conteúdo!

Russian language!!

Translate to Russian language please!


Great but....

I think this app has the best content of any education based app. What I love the most is that it’s absolutely free!!! So awesome, but you may need to look into fixing some bugs especially the back button, it doesn't work at all and when it does by a miracle it takes 15 to 30 seconds to actually go back. I always have to clear and re-open the app. Which always almost clears what I just did and doesn't save it. Please fix it!!!

Great app!

Dear Khan Academy Developer, I LOVE THIS APP! I say everything is perfect. I used in 4th grade but not anymore since I’m in 5th grade. I still use it for concepts and units I don’t understand.

I love it

Khan academy is a great learning source for young kids who are having trouble understanding topics in school.


Khan Academy was a great help when I was in high school. But now that I wish to join the US Army, I would really appreciate if you guys had a ASVAB prep section for those who are going to take the test and try to score better.


This is such a GOOD app !!!!!!!It helps me …………ALoT !!!Thank You!!!


Good but to many glitches

No way to Return to Algebra 1

Chapters 2, 3, And 4 lack the "Return to Algebra 1" button at several places after lectures and exercise problems. This BUG frustrates new students because they can not continue with the course material.

I wish app remembered the last lecture I completed

Great content. I wish when I start it the app showed me the last lecture I completed. I loose a lot of time finding the course I am working on and scrolling around to find the next lectures

Probably the best platform to learn on.

I would like to thank Khan Academy for teaching me stuff like physics but not only teach but allow me to remember stuff and understand stuff that none of my teachers could teach me. As an honors student, teachers always felt rush with the few time we had (42 minutes) and therefore skip making sure we all understood and get mad when we or I at least asked logical questions that needed to be answered for comprehension not only for me but for my classmates since I’m not bragging but top 10 smartest and if I don’t get it surely others my not either. Thank you for being so useful and having time to read this review.

Great but not much help when you’re stuck...

The app and learning is great and all but I would say adding a few more sources for quizzes but either way you learn many things and is an amazing learning adventure to learning.

Videos are often not relevant to current category

I hate to complain about free education, but this app was one of the reasons I invested in an iPad Pro and I’m a bit disappointed that it is often necessary to go the website or YouTube to find the video that I need to help me with my current math problem. I rely on the ability to write out the problem on the screen, and switching back and forth between apps or using split screen is really not ideal for this. On a happier note, I got my TASC\GED diploma thanks in large part to Khan Academy. Two years ago I didn’t know how to do basic things like long division and even my knowledge of multiplication tables was severely lacking. Thank you.

Getting Better

Khan Academy is literally my go-to for just about everything school related. I tutor several sciences at the university level and frequently refer people to these videos to help them grasp difficult subjects (like organic chemistry) and for practice. I am currently using KA to study for the MCAT. They have the only AAMC endorses study material out there Many of my prior issues with the app seem to have been resolved. The only problem I have anymore is that when watching videos on auto play full screen on an iPhone X the UI pops up on subsequent videos, chopping off half the video u til you exit and reload

The website in general

I just think that Sal is way too wordy (I take algebra). Please fix that. Great website tho.

Page stuck

I’d like to use app instead of login in website every time. But often the next question button was stuck and stop going to next page. Also, I wish the app had the same progress menu as the website which is more clear and detailed to follow.

Totally amazing and completely free

This app is amazing I was looking for math to do and they have learning videos and hints and everything it’s great! I would recommend this to everyone who ever lives it’s so great!!!!!

Too many hang ups

While child is moving at a good pace it tends to hang up at different points and he gets frustrated because of it. At first I thought it may be caused from his speed at which I told him to slow down a bit. That did not seem to be the issue it continues to pause for no reason. Otherwise this is a great learning tool for anyone wanting to learn.


I’ve learned so much. Thanks sosososososososo much!


This is a great app! I’m learning so much! I’m currently learning World History, after that I will probably move on to another subject. I also have a suggestion: why not add Earth Science? I learned it in 9th grade but I’m starting to forget a few things. I’d love to refresh my memory on a few things. But other than that, this app os flawless!

4.7.2 Version

Categories: User Friendly: Improvements needed. Many topics under the subject matter are not included in the app. Scratch Paper & interactive exercises don't always work well. No coding content on the app. Can't see BIO in the app. Profile isn't interactive. Subject matter that is available is exceptional though. Developer Support: ⭐️ Good on updates. Average updates in 2017 was 2. File Size: 138 MB for Education category is very high. The normal size was 43 MB in 2017 for this category. Although I realize this is a lot of content, this is still high. So hopefully something can be done to bring down the file size, or explain why the file size is so much higher than average for Education apps. Fulfills Description: I ❤️ that learning resources are totally free-of-charge! Although the app needs work, Khan Academy website is the best Education website I have used to date. So I am a donor. ⭐️ iPhone📱 I like that I can quickly stream short videos, and watch them as they download. iPad- I like MyScript feature. Aesthetic GUI: ⭐️ Much of the graphics for each subject is color coded. Good organization of learning materials.

Thank you ...

This app is very perfect...but some videos haven’t been translated Turkish yet . I hope you will translate them soon.

thank you

just amazing the most useful app i have ever used thank you continue the great job ❤️👍👍

Makes me want to die

The title says it all.


I loved it all except for the bugs. They are quite annoying.

Amazing app with flaws

Yooooo guys if u want help on any subject this app is TOTALLY the way to go ! You press the subject you need help on and it explains it so clear and understandable and if u can’t keep up with what the person who’s teaching it is saying it HAS A TRANSCRIPT! So u can follow along on what he is saying it’s AMAZING ! and it’s a nice app to have on your phone so when you’re in school and didn’t kinda understand the subject you can quickly go to the app and it will explain it ! HELPFUL APP i love it ! Have a good one guys !

Keep going

The best educational app ever with a free content, which is a thing you won’t find in another app.

Flawed app, WONDERFUL information

If you want perfect UI and 0 glitches go pay for an education, if your are just looking to learn things in an organized and carefully put together path for free, this is the ultimate app. Seriously so many things to self study and so much care put into the videos and quizzes etc. very impressed and exactly what I was looking for. If the app was any nicer it’d be $$$

Awesome but...

This is a very interesting resource for myself and everything is amazing. But if you could add some lessons on crispr the gene editing tool, I would love that sososososo much because I am very interested in that topic but no one seems to take it too seriously and no other learning tools give enough information for my mind. I always come up with new crispr questions my parents could barely answer.


Yah so the app likes to crash when I add a bookmark for a subject on my iPod Touch 6

everyone is too greedy

Khan gives me a lot of knowledge i have to know FOR FREE! I want to give you 10 stars but this is only i can....

10 star if iPad multi tasking gets added!

I love this app and it has literally changed my life. I can learn anything I like. If the app had multitasking, it would be a perfect five stars as often times I’d like to have my note app open but I can’t because it does not allow multitasking. Please add!!!

I’m loving it but it’s sometimes annoying and stuff 😍😐

I love this app. It’s surprisingly amazing p. So much vids and stuff. I like the science best but there is so many glitches and sometimes it is frozen and annoying. Is there anything to fix this DEVs?

I hate you.

You’ve Made my school life miserable with overwhelming work. 😫


Very good but could you make it compatible with kindle fire that is my main device that I try to use and it would really be beneficial to my studying purposes. Please consider thank you

Best Self-Learning App

Instead of struggling for hours with a bunch of homework that I never know how to do, Khan Academy helps me figured it out with more detailed lectures. Even though I'm not a native speaker, learning new things in a new language with Khan Academy is quite easy. Also, I wish there is a Khan University App. But I guess it impossible to do so since it needs tons of work.

An Awesome Resource For Life-Long Learners

Absolutely love Khan Academy. Is there anyway you can set the app up to send the videos from the app to chromecast? I can send the videos with the YouTube app and from my desktop computer but it’d be great to send videos to the tv from the app on my phone (first world problems, right?). I’m a chemical engineer and you guys are an excellent resource for almost everything I want to learn! I’m so glad you’re expanding your subjects also. May I suggest foreign language grammar videos, specifically Mandarin? Obviously easier asked then done. Thanks for everything!!

This app is amazing!!!

I love this app so much , it has all the subject I am studying and when I don’t understand something in class I can always go to this app. This app helped me a lot and it free so you can access to anything you want to learn without costing you a dollar. I am glad I found khan academy and I would recommend it to anybody out there who love free education because education is powerful tool. It is a knowledge that no one can take a way from you.

Good, but I’m missing a few things.

Khan Academy is a superb learning resource, whether you’re a young person still in school, a young adult in college, or just someone who’s looking to brush up on specific subjects. I enjoy using it, however, there are some things that can be added, taken away, and improved upon: 1) Add the ability to view unit and subject progression within the app. This option is available on the web version of KA, and it really motivates me to complete lessons! However, I cannot view my progress within the iOS app, which represses my excitement and causes me to not use it as often, which is unfortunate. 2) Allow the user to make all videos watched if we’ve reached 100% on units! While the videos are helpful when I’m confused about a specific topic, most of the time, I already understand the concepts explained in the video, so sitting through a drawn out video stifles the momentum I build. 3) Sometimes when I finish a unit, I do forget some of the information given, so it’d be nice to be reminded to review important concepts when KA recognizes I haven’t taken the initiative to review on my own. Besides that, I really enjoy using Khan Academy as a whole, and with the changes I suggested, I believe it could become an even better and more intuitive learning resource.

Great material

This app is perfect even if your teachers do not use Khan academy, considering most courses like Biology still follow the common curriculum. Some of my classes my teachers will only touch on a subject and not thoroughly go into it (which did some reason I need to have in order to understand even the basics), which Khan academy helps with. Usually my Biology teacher is surprised with how much more I know, just from watching 12 minute videos. Often if I do not know a certain part of my chapter, I can find a video on it on Khan Academy which really helps. SAT prep is great too! It pairs with your PSAT grades allowing you to touch on what you have the toughest time with.

Hopelessly buggy app

It’s so close to being awesome, yet so hopelessly far. Why is it hopeless? Because of the dev culture of the people who maintain the app. Look at all the Developer Responses to reviews on the App Store. “Sorry for the inconvenience, could you please uninstall/reinstall the app?” You can be pretty sure that if uninstall/reinstall works, they’re going to dismiss it as “anomalous user error” and not fix the root cause for the thousands of others out there who are silently experiencing it too. Bonus points for them: you’re no longer able to give them detailed bug repro steps. These kinds of issues should be fixed once and for all via upgrade, not uninstall/reinstall every single time the app flakes out. Both of my kids experience showstopper bugs in this app that force them back to the website to complete their work. - The math answer entry box runs out of room for text entry, so they have to rotate between portrait and landscape to get more room. - The math entry keyboard stops appearing. Tapping on the answer text entry field does nothing. This could be a side-effect of the portrait/landscape rotation workaround noted above. - Sometimes the “Watch Video” button at the bottom scrolls out of view below the screen. You can scroll up to see it, but the content area is spring-loaded so that when you stop scrolling, it bounces back below the bottom of the screen. If you’re extremely quick, you can scroll way up with one finger and then release and immediately tap the button with another finger as the button is zooming off the screen. You can’t tap where the button is visually, you have to tap where you think the button will be. Again this could be due to portrait/landscape rotation issues that cause resizing of content area bounds. I’d really love for these issues to be fixed because I like putting the Khan Academy app on Guided Access so my kids can’t get distracted by other things like they do on the computer, but that’s where they’ll have to be until there’s a massive culture change on this app’s dev team.

Obsessed with this app! I’d even pay $$$$

Any free time I had I watched movies, tv shows, anything but learning. I hated learning growing up. Straight F- student my entire life. I used to get so aggravated that I couldn’t keep up with the rest of the class so I would just give up on trying. Khan academy is the complete opposite! It doesn’t make you watch ads or charge you a penny but I’ve learned more in the few days on using this app than I ever thought was possible. The teacher guy that does all the videos couldn’t be better he makes everything so simple. (If you're reading this, thank you very much for how easy you make learning these courses) I’d even pay $10+ a month for khan academy! Thank you very much for all this app has to offer! -high school drop out


Thanks for fixing the app it’s now not frustrating to use. Btw uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t work often :)

I would like to rate it a five!

Could be great if you guys added some college classes on here.It would help the college students. But otherwise the app is great and all your videos are great. I understand all of your videos and you guys explain it very well. Thank you

Works well for free app

For a free education aid app (and service), Khan Academy is great! I would rate 5 stars, however, there is no way to return to the home screen without hitting the back arrow several times through videos and lesson material. A home button is a basic user interface necessity! Very surprised it’s missing. Also, not all links in non-video material work. Dead links? Bad html code? Something isn’t working.

The Real-School

Khan Academy is honestly were I should be paying tuition, but that's the great thing about it it's free. But you should still make a donation, you know keep it free and all.

Information=good, bugs=bad

It has great information and layout, but a lot of bugs that effect the use of the app.

This app is great!

The only thing I’d change is that you can see your full profile and how many days in a row you’ve been on Khan Academy. Otherwise, fantastic!

SAT Practice??

I can only use the SAT Practice on the website. Please put it in the app!

website so much better than this app

The iPad version of this app is missing basic functions like recent topics, bookmarks, etc. A big problem is the handwriting feature for math equations is impossible. It is hard to progress when the app won’t recognize your answer. I prefer the website which remembers where I am and let’s me use the equation keyboard.

Keeps crashing

Please update, the app keeps crashing when I go to play a subject.

This is good for finals

This helps me with my first finals that is tomorrow and Friday. I have trouble with fractions mostly dividing them thank you for this app!!

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