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Ótimo conteúdo!

Russian language!!

Translate to Russian language please!


Learn a LOT from it, but have a technical problem with the app

Love it, but whenever I try to do the math exercises/practices, often times it says "Error making task progress: we encountered an error while attempting to make progress in this task; please try again later." That can really annoy me because I won't be able to do it for quite a bit of time. :/

Very helpful app

I started using this app because the college I want to attend refers to Khan Academy. I am now studying Mathematics from this app and find that the app is invaluable. It includes lots of concepts and exercises with great features like mastery skills, badges and being able to change avatars. Although I prefer using Khan academy website to this iOS app because of the large screen , I still enjoy learning from this app coz I can use this app wherever I go. I am also grateful for getting a quick reply whenever I report my problems. Thank you very much for your great efforts , "Sal khan" and "Khan Academy Team" .

Sal is bad at compound equalities.

He teaches it to make it confusing and makes the practice tough


Khan Academy is a pretty good app but it keeps on freezing up after a session.

Organizing subjects/classes in one tab

Great resources. I'd really love if there was a way to organize all your subjects into one tab like the website. Bookmarking each individual module of one subject seems very tedious.

Khan academy

This app is the one that I need


Um going into 6th grade and I got placed in a high math class so practice is necessary. This app is so fun and game like. I tried IXL and that game is pathetic. This game has stepby step videos and simple quizzes following. You can also search by grade and by subject and or both XD this game is absolutely amazingly awesome

Ughhhhhh the update is TRASH

So when I first got this I was ADDICTED. It even had the thing where you can write the answers instead of type. It crashed sometimes, but it wasn’t bad. So when I update...... Stuff is MUCH harder to find. U should just be able to find it quick. It’s VERY hard to “learn anything”. Then, THEY TOOK AWAY THE ABILITY TO WRITE THE ANSWERS. I used that feature A LOT because it was quicker than having to find the right numbers to type. AND it says that MY ANSWERS ARE WRONG. When I recheck it, it loads for about two minutes and the app crashes. The font is now glitchy and messed up. What happened? When u do an update, just fix the BUGS. That’s all u need to do. It’s kinda like the new version of musically or Snapchat. Plzzzzz fix?????


I opened the app and sign in. I start looking for my math stuff but I can’t find it! I eventually got to it but then, ALL MY PROGRESS IS GONE! What the heck!? Edit: I reinstalled the app and its there. Do that.


Boring app I have no interest in it

Great app that is still buggy

Edit 1 - So the update helped a lot, but there are still some areas that don’t register answers. For example, some of the multiple choice questions will not allow you to hit the “check” button. Sometimes when you click the wrong answer it will allow you to hit “check” but then you don’t receive credit for the question. Still buggy with the Apple pen too. I liked being able to enter “draw mode” and to still see the question. Please fix the questions so they don’t move side to side when drawing near them, it’s quite a nuisance. Please fix. Thanks First review - I have a 2016 iPad and the app used to work until this update. Now nothing but videos work. Please fix the bug and the rating will go up.

Thank You ♥️👍🏻

My child was recently tested and we were able to use this app to concentrate on the areas of difficulties. Thank You Khan Academy!

Scratch pad useless....

The scratch pad is rendered useless, as it hides the equation.

Stupidest thing ever

This is the stupidest thing ever!

Not a fan....

My teacher in 4th grade made us go on this app for homework and it was supposed to help but, it really didn’t. It made a lot of problems more confusing and I was like, “that was not what my teacher taught us”. This is my opinion and I know that this app helps some of my friends and other people so I respect that. Good for you Khan Academy that you helping people solve problems! I just am not one of them. I’m writing an honest review in my opinion.

App not working for me on iPhone

That's pretty much it. Useless if it doesn't work.

Bugs bugs everywhere

Khan has great content, and it’s easy for my daughter to understand, but going from lesson, to practice? Bugs. Trying to answer questions? Bugs. She cannot actually use, and learn with parts of the app, because it’s too buggy.

At least 4 stars

I have not used the program in awhile admittedly, but it was very helpful in learning to do advanced algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. I am the type of person who can do mathematics, but I struggle. I can do it, but it is definitely difficult.


first of all khan academy thinks that fewer means more.And second it said that I ONLY did 37 minutes!!!!but I did more than 2 hours!!!!!!!and third I HATE KHAN ACADEMY!do NOT do khan academy

Thank you I really love this app

Thanks for your hard work and dedication. You have done an excellent job on the platform and organization of this project I will be sure to share this app. Let the world know about this excellent app. I just love the way you guys crafted the work its a must share top ratings.

Lessons Outstanding! Exercises Buggy, Better on PC.

Beta Testing needed.

Great app for preparing to go back to school.

Quick and easy to use with great questions.

It’s an amazing website but not a good app

As a website, it’s amazing! You have so many ways to learn and you can even get assignments from teachers! But the app for iPad and cellphone don’t have the assignments tab, so I can’t access any of my started assignments for my classes through the app, having to go through the browser on the web. If you fix it to where we can access your assignments then the app will be much better in my opinion!

Khan Amazing!!

Khan academy is awesome for me as a 6th grader I was in a different country and they had a different learning spree and khan academy helped a lot and especially with math I was so so behind khan helped me and my brother a little

Stoping music

When I check the question, I the music I’m playing keeps going off

Very poor app design

Assignments freeze all the time, end up on a loop updating or “next question” button doesn’t appear, and screen often goes blank. The app also thinks I’m offline randomly and I have to go out and/or close the app multiple times to get to my teacher’s assignments. Great material/lessons though.


Several of the programs are missing including the computer programming. Won’t rate higher until everything is available across all devices.

I think this is amazing

I do wish it had the option too of learning languages too! Spanish, French, German, Portuguese , Italian, ect! It’s ok if it’s not possible, but it would be great

Great source but trash mobile app

Mobile application is absolute trash on every latest iOS software. App barely receive updates. Quizzes don’t open or lags . So many devoloper errors. Sal Khan should give more to his app developers from those donations


Amazing app and helped me through school so much I honestly don’t know what I would have done without this. I’ve been using Kahn academy since I was in middle school ( I’m 20 now) and it has never failed me . I feel like the explanations and examples that are used are thorough and really helps with your learning experience.

Great for learning

Great app for learning except for the errors messages in the practice exercises. Calculus: Derivatives as a Limit exercises “we have encountered an error...”. 😣

Video Quality

Everyone knows Khan itself is great, that’s not a question. But I do have a major problem with this app! When I bookmark and download a video, the quality is AWFUL. Unwatchable. You can’t see what’s going on, read things, nothing. And yet it seems like there’s no way to control the video quality I want to download in? Please guys, fix this, it’s the worst.

Turkish language lag?!

Alright, that’s not funny. I’ve spent 30 min to change the language from TURKISH to English 👎🏿 I don’t know Turkish and have no idea why it’s downloaded on this language... I have no one app on Turkish 😂 that’s good example how I’ve run away from Khan Academy with weird Turkish language joke to Coursera😉 Stupid lag

What Happened To The Logo??

What Happened To The Logo?? I used to see a tree that has a hand(?) with leaves. Now, it’s this thing! I need to know!

New update got rid of good scratchpad functionality

Devs, please put the semi transparent scratchpad back into practice modules. In math subjects, it’s helpful to be able to see the original problem (especially word problems) while I solve them. Otherwise a 5 star app. Can’t believe such a great service is free for every one!

Just like KA on the computer, but with some cons

Khan Academy is great. Truly amazing app. All my subjects were synced, everything was exactly like on the website. The only thing that was really bad is the drawing features, the ones on the problems that help you solve the problem on the problem itself. The first line drawn is smooth and nice, but after that there is extreme lag, and the lines are all choppy and impossible to write numbers with. It takes about 10 seconds to write a single number if I want it to be legible. (I am using the Apple Pencil) In the drawing mode, it also takes away the problem. If there was a diagram there that I wanted to mark up in order to help me with the problem, it disappears. This is a pretty big thing for me, especially if Khan Academy doesn’t work with split screen. I cannot work on the app itself, a big bummer. Besides that, it is Khan Academy. Tons of great courses with great teaching and a great experience.

Nothing like the computer version

I just don’t like it I would also recommend on the computer version Python, Ruby, and other coding languages.


I was trying to go from 55 percent to 60 percent but khan academy just crashed. When I got back on I am now at 30 percent. Please help me get my percentage back. Thank you for your time.


I have used KA for 5 years now, and it really helps me learn new things, and get ahead of the game! Very helpful, and highly recommended!!

Thank you!

This app is amazing! I would recommend it to anyone who thinks it could be helpful. Because anyone can use it! I Have an Autistic son who is nonverbal and he can use it and loves it! It’s his favorite way to learn! So anyone can use this app to learn! Thanks Khan Academy!

Makes learning algebra II fun (not sarcasm)

I probably would not have been able to succeed in my Algebra II class without Khan Academy. What’s great about this app to me are the quizzes and tests- if I don’t understand a problem, the app suggests video to me, and also gives hints/ a walkthrough of how to solve the problem in brief increments, so if I end up remembering, I can solve on my own. Also, when you retake a test, it gives you different questions each time. This app is almost the equivalent to having a free tutor. In addition, the guy who makes the math videos is fantastic at explaining any math concept. I rarely have questions after watching his videos, and even more rarely after reading the walkthroughs with them. This app is phenomenal, 6/5 stars

Keeps crashing when I log in

The app was working wonderfully then one day I went to log in and it kept crashing and I tried deleting and reinstalling it several times but it continued to crash.

Recent update worse with Apple Pencil

With new update, going into pen mode hides the question, making pen mode almost useless. Pen drawing used to be smooth but now is laggy and polygonal. Getting tons of error messages about task progress not being saved, even though it is being saved.


Can you guys include the ASVAB onto the app? I will rate higher once you do.

It’s amazing!

I love this app, it helps me work and in between I can watch informational videos to help me, just I had an idea. I this they should have two big problems with this. firstly, half of the time my work space online, so I have to do it multiple times, and just spam it so I forget what the problem is, which leads me to my second big problem with this app, is that while you’re on my work space I can’t see the problem I have to solve, and I forget it, and since I can only see the title of the section, I think it’s that, so you should make the problem appear onscreen while you’re using the work area and fix that little... bug. But other then that, it’s amazing, and I just found it!


This is amazing! It’s perfect! I can plug in my headphones and learn anywhere! I love that you can see your energy points! 1 problem tho. I want to be able to edit my profile and help my creature grow up. Please fix this within a week or so and I will rate it 5 stars.

Only one part missing

I wish I could access my students/classes on the app. As a teacher I like being able to access the information anywhere, but the phone app limits this at times. I love the rest though :)


This app is great for review. Good to practice something you’re rusty at, but you’re forced to refresh the app when you clear a section

An amazing app with one weakness 😭!

My only gripe is that you can not multitask with this application unless it is a very narrow sliding window. I really want to take notes while watching the videos and rewind at the same time to understand a concept. But the best I can do is to make the video float in my note taking app. I am an engineering student and I use my iPad Pro 12.9 for all my studies and note taking. Let me put this out here first, this app is amazing for starting at one level and expanding your knowledge at your own pace! I really want to give this app a 4.9 stars but sadly that’s just not an option. Please keep up the great work guys! I downloaded the app to my phone and I guess I’ll be squinting until the update comes. But trust me, it’s well worth it 😂


While the app has its bugs I would not have been able to teach myself calc bc in the time I did without Khan Academy. The platform allows you to learn things from classes you don’t really want to take but have an interest in as well, making for a deep pool of courses and lessons. They also have linear algebra and Calc 3 so you can get ahead while you’re in high school in math. Sal has a great voice and good way of teaching. On another note, 3blue1brown is amazing for math and I hope to see more from him sometime. Please!

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